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Hot Pic of the Day: Leona Lewis’s Free-Balling Friend

Posted on: May 2, 2009

Hot Pic of the Day: Leona Lewis’s Free-Balling Friend »

The pop songstress who was catapulted to worldwide fame by Simon Cowell’s X-Factor has started to show tell tale signs of divarish behavior – normally associated with stars like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

The former receptionist who has so far maintained her squeaky clean ‘girl next door’ ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ image (I knew it wouldn’t last) has reportedly taken a vow of silence before her shows so as to protect her vocal chords…erm get a life!

According to my spies Leona refuses to talk to anyone up to 24hrs before a gig because she’s petrified she’ll damage her chords and god forbid she’d have to get a normal job like the rest of us …. oh no wait a minute, she can just live very nicely on the millions tucked away in the bank!

This is scarily similar to Mariah Carey whose notoriously known for her diva tantrums and ridiculous antics; apparently she refuses to talk for days on end before a gig. (I bet her waiting staff are thrilled when it’s touring season)

Honestly girls, just for a minute, remember you’re like the rest of us. A blimin human being.


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